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Becoming Fully Human

When one is directed by Source, the sole determination of any action is whether or not one remains aligned with Source—based upon feedback the body provides.

In 1997 both Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died within a week of the other.  Both were amazing people who were mourned by millions internationally. One person represented ultimate worldly achievement while the other represented a life of amazing spiritual service.  At the time, It seemed to me that people wanted to live like Princess Diana and die like Mother Theresa!

People are always contrasting the physical versus the spiritual. It is very common to hear that we should be less worldly and more spiritual—and among the “spiritual” it has always been fashionable to bash any number of worldly things such as riches, sex, sexual orientation, clothing, and most forms of entertainment and enjoyment.  It’s as though people think some mistake has been made because we inhabit a physical body and live in this world. There’s a lot of needless pain and suffering when these two so-called worlds collide. But here’s the truth of it—unless one is awakened—the worldly and spiritual are little more than two sides of the same ego-personality coin.  Neither gets you very far.

Spiritual awakening unites physical and nonphysical energies so that they function holistically.  When Source begins directing the ego-personality, the body and it’s deep wisdom become a guiding light. Apart from Source, we are always doing as the mind directs regardless whether we label it as spiritual or worldly.

As an example, when I was younger my church youth group insisted that we learn how to evangelize and knock doors. I never enjoyed doing this—but I did enjoy the adult attention and sense of belonging to a group.  I participated in going from door to door because I was told that was what God wanted me to do—and I did not wish to displease God.  All the while, my body and emotions were sending me feelings of discomfort and stress. The Source within me was sending appropriate messages of what it thought of the whole thing–but my mental processes were overriding this information. Since the activity was not directed by Source, it was little more than an exercise in tribal conformity.

Another example can be seen in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.The main character, Jordan Belfort, becomes addicted to sex and cocaine in order to numb his conscious sense of discomfort as he builds an empire by selling worthless stocks and securities. Source was sending him all kinds of messages about what he was doing—but he numbed and overrode them with addictive behavior. The body is always giving us signals from Source about the direction we should follow.

An awakened person is driven by Source, and not the mind or ego-personality. Such a person is fully human and spiritual at the same time.  When one is directed by Source, the sole determination of any action is whether or not one remains aligned with Source—based upon feedback the body provides. The body feels bliss and peace when it is aligned with Source and it feels stressed and strained when it is not. It’s as simple as that. The body, in its wisdom, provides a beacon that leads us where we are meant to go.

Perhaps one of the reasons the ancients revered sports, martial arts, yoga and the like is because these activities allows us to more deeply perceive the wisdom of the body.  Physical movement helps to focus and settle the mind so that the body may present its wisdom for interpretation in meditation. In this space, the distance between mind and Source begins to close and a new way of living emerges that is fully human.  It is good to be in human form and it is good to experience life fully.