Aspiring Wise Fool

End of the Search

No chakras to open, chants to hum, or endless sermons to listen to. No mantras to repeat over and over. No scriptures to memorize or stories to believe, defend, and pointlessly argue about. No clothes to buy, crosses or beads to wear. No creeds to recite or ascended masters to know personally lest we die. No Gods to offend, appease or please. No diets to follow or postures to master. No breath to follow, thoughts to contemplate, third-eye to open or mind to empty. No past to regret or repent from–nor future in which we must place our hope for better things. The search is over and the certainty of past beliefs has ended. All seeking, knocking and struggling is concluded. Now there is only witnessing the here and now of “what is” as one thing arises and another disappears.

Enlightenment isn’t so much something to be sought as discovered. It is the ability to see as source does apart from our illusory beliefs, judgments and perceptions. It is the realization that self-identification with our bodies and minds—and all that these represent–cloud the greatest reality of all. It’s akin to missing the preciousness of an object made of pure gold because we are caught in our personal likes and dislikes of the object we see. But our perceptions aside, the gold remains—and that gold is you and me.

WE exist and now it is time to accept ourselves as we are—creatures of pure awareness appearing as shadow and light in this beautiful space of consciousness and embodiment. Our preoccupations of what is good, bad, right, wrong, useful or not does not impact the universe in the least nor detract from the fact that we perfectly exist. Regardless of what we think, say or do—or how we are interpreting our experiences—the real universe is breathing, illuminating, creating and experiencing itself through us.