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The Secret Knowledge of Thought

You are Source and the only thinker there is. You are it!

Several years ago I had the wonderful experience of living in Florence, Italy for the summer.  It was an absolutely glorious place to live.  My life was filled with beauty, culture and amazing food. I count it as one of the great adventures of my life. I always knew that Italians loved pasta but I didn’t know just how many ways it could be served. Sometimes it is eaten as a solitary dish with a little oil and butter–and other times it is one of many amazing ingredients for something more grandiose. Pasta is a foundational food. So it is with our thoughts. Whether a humble musing, or a complicated set of ideas that combine to form an important scientific theorem, thoughts create material awareness and conscious expression.

Before we awaken, thoughts arise like wandering clouds, pass, and then disappear from the sky of our consciousness. Thoughts are effusively generated by the mind as it reflexively reacts to stimuli around us. We identify with our thinking and condition ourselves to believe these thoughts—no matter how false or outrageous they may be. The world’s condition amply illustrates our thinking. We are steeped in fear, drama, loathing, aggrandizement, and see ourselves as separate from Source and others. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is the secret knowledge of thought—You are Source and the only thinker there is. You are it!  As the sole creator of thought you choose which thoughts, if any, you wish to keep and explore. You are like a painter who paints hundreds of interesting pictures and portraits while only choosing one or two to hang in your home.

As we awaken from the dream, and realize that Source is all there is, a new space is created for Source to directly influence and change our thinking.  In this new state, Source, not the ego-personality, chooses and creates the thoughts you are experiencing.

When I speak to my boss, I’m really speaking to myself who is playing the role of my boss.  When my boss tells me what she’s thinking, that’s me, playing my boss who is telling me what she’s thinking.  The important thing here is that you are the only one doing the thinking—even though it appears there are more participants than you. If you don’t like what your boss is thinking, you are fully able to change your thinking–which in turn impacts the thinking of the other roles you are playing.

Even now as you read this conversation, it is only a conversation you are having with yourself.  You are reading what you have written for you to read. This conversation is you telling you what you want to know. You created the conversation and decided what it would be. And now, you are reading your own conversation.

One of the benefits of understanding this secret knowledge is Source’s ability to begin a new conversation that is directed by new thoughts, which creates new emotions and generates new outcomes. In the end, it is all the interplay of Source with ITself.  As IT awakens new portions of ITS infinite awareness, IT continues to expand and create ever-new experiences for ITS enjoyment.