Aspiring Wise Fool

Yard Work


Doing yard work has never been a favorite activity of mine.  It was always a chore.  I took a certain amount of pride and always saw that the lawn was neatly mowed and edged–but that was about it.

Then I met my wife Cary.  She likes flowers and pretty plants.  Lilies, tulips, cone flowers–you name it. Together we discovered an activity that we enjoy doing as a couple.


We’ll spend an entire day, crashing the front or backyard spreading mulch, plants, and decorations.



We’ve created a small walking path, built a small retaining wall, and totally reworked our flowerbeds.  We’re beginning our third summer at this house and it looks terrific. Many of the plants from two years ago have come back.

It was a good feeling when a couple who was walking down the street stopped and asked, “Are you the gardener?”  It felt strangely good to answer, “Yes I am.”