Aspiring Wise Fool



The older I get the more I understand the blessing of contentment. I say blessing because I have come to believe that contentment is a gift of grace given to those who willing put their faith in a benevolent universe.

I didn’t  always believe this.  I was a “type A”  with  a lot of wants. I’m not sure I ever felt comfortable with myself, my achievements, or what I had back then. I always wanted more of the things I did not have. It’s a pity really.  I had so much  and  enjoyed it so little. Then one day it was all gone. Not all at once, but slowly. It started the day a man met me at the door to serve me with a divorce summons. My world unraveled and before long, I was living at a friends house in a small 10 x10 room.

You might think I was sad and I was–but not about the stuff. In that very small room I learned  that I had to let go of my old life and stop seeking the stuff. Some might say I learned contentment –but I think it was a blessing given once I opened to a new life–trusting source to take care of my needs.

With contentment comes peace. And once you have that–there’s no going back.