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Some things I love

  1. I love Starbucks in the morning,
    1. the slow and peaceful time, calm feelings
  2. I love Dayspring church,
    1. being with a community of friends, hearing great ideas, connecting with the divine
  3. I love eating with my friends in the cafeteria,
    1. being with friends, connecting, meaning making, sharing,
  4. I love my special home
  5. I love my wife,
  6. I love my office,
  7. I love my apple computer,
  8. I love my iPad mini
  9. I love my Honda
  10. I love my Prius
  11. I love my mother,
  12. I love my coworkers
  13. I love my fellow deans
  14. I love the feeling of fullness after a good meal.
  15. I love this fall weather,
  16. I love the gentle fall breeze,
  17. I love 80 degree weather
  18. I love gardening
  19. I love woodworking
  20. I love a good meal
  21. I love a glass of red wine
  22. I love a good cold beer,
  23. I love working with power tools
  24. I love nice furnishings
  25. I love a good shirt
  26. I love education
  27. I love teaching
  28. I love working with students
  29. I love working with faculty members
  30. I love coming up with new ideas.