Aspiring Wise Fool

My life is filled with fortune and unexpected good things.



Coincidence guides my spiritual journey.  When I am ready to grow in transcendent ways, new teachers appear. New friends emerge, new books and websites mysteriously show up and new experiences come my way.

There is only One Spirit and all people are individualizations of It. I am both the One Spirit and the individualization. One Spirit knows all individualizations–personally and intimately. He is unfailing in his love and devotion towards them.  In other words, he knows me and is always at working in my behalf and unfailing in his love for me. His love for me is nothing more or less than His way of manifesting love for Himself.

One of the ways Source shows love towards us is through coincidence–whereby people, places and things converge to bring an unexpected good. Coincidence is just another way of describing the mysterious means used by God, Source, angels, higher self, the universe, ultimate consciousness–whatever you want to call it–to bring about Its collective and individualized good. Nothing is ever wasted as Source gathers the disparate threads from individuations and creates new good things.

I love the feeling of receiving unexpected good things. I love being surprised by the kindness of the universe. I love the feeling that I have just received a “wink” from God; I love the feeling of affirmation it brings; I love the feeling of care that I feel; I love the feeling of amazement and awe that Source is taking such good care of me–even without me trying. When I cannot do things for myself Source has my back. Source never leaves or looks the other way from me. It never judges or condemns me. Source sees to it that all things work together for good.

Every time a coincidence occurs it feels magical. I love magical coincidences, those that seemingly come from nowhere at a time when I least expect them. A call that invites me for an interview–an invitation to speak, an unexpectedly good meal or unexpectedly meeting an old friend. Though all of those things were put into motion by Source, as an individual, it often brings about the feelings of surprise, randomness, and amazement.  It’s like a good magic trick. We know the performer is making it all happen; but since we can’t see how it is done, it feels amazing and magical. The perplexing questions of “How did you do this? and When did all of this happen?” is one of my favorite feelings.

Unexpected good things are always happening to me–too many to count!  Things that have yet to make it into my consciousness are nonetheless at work for my fortune and benefit. Coincidences are working to bring greater joy in my relationships.  It is bringing me new friends, new experiences, new expansions, new growth, new levels of excitement and happiness.

Everyday, coincidence brings me good fortune.  When I go to parking lots, cars pull away leaving me the best spaces.  When I’m in a line waiting to pay, new cashiers appear, lines shorten and openings become available. Coincidence brings me the best service at restaurants, hotels and stores. Coincidence brings the best people into my life–interesting people, kind people, deep people, fun people–people who develop into good friends with whom I can share deeply.

Sometimes coincidence saves me from calamity. Recently, a man told another person about a desperate situation at work. This other man decided to donate money to help improve the situation; and because of this, I did not lose my retirement benefits! When I need money, it always manifests.  Old insurance policies, gifts and inheritances. Coincidence often brings me things I desire at sale prices!  Whatever I need to take care of myself and my family, coincidence brings.  Coincidence never fails.

Coincidence is always improving my life. Coincidence located a family for me so I could be adopted at age three. Coincidence landed me my first job at age 14. It led me my first job as a radio announcer!  Coincidence brought me my best teaching job ever. Coincidence brought me a job as a college dean. Coincidence is at work to bring me my next job and it will be better than ever.

Coincidences occur everyday.  Some are so small that they escape my attention until years later (I am certain that some have escaped unnoticed altogether!). Some are large and hard to miss. I will never run out of coincidences because I am constantly expanding, growing and transforming–because of the very nature of coincidence itself.  More coincidences  occur as I open to them.  One way to express this openness is to speak gratitude as the unexpected good things come.  Remember, Source loves each of us, and is eager to bring us abundance because of the law of attraction.

Coincidence guides my spiritual journey.  When I am ready to grow in transcendent ways, new teachers appear. New friends emerge, new books and websites mysteriously show up and new experiences come my way. I open myself to coincidences and unexpected good things.  I open myself to good fortune. I affirm that good fortune comes to me each moment of every day.  I will see it, I will know it, and it will astonish me!