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Don’t tell me what you believe…

I don’t want to know what you believe.

I don’t care what your politics are

Whether you believe in God

Or if you have religion or not.

Please don’t speak of

What makes one person good and another evil

Or your judgements about

Who should love whom or

What others should or should not do.

Be done with your beliefs about money, education, class and privilege,

Philosophy, culture, work and

What’s worth saving and what’s not.

Speak to me instead about things you value.

Tell me how you have dedicated your life.

What value is so important that you would make the ultimate sacrifice?

What values receive your devotion?

What are you working toward?

Tell me those things and

I will know your God,

I will know what is holy and good about you,

And we will know each other

Maybe for the first time.