Dr. David Lowry

Hello friends!

I’m Dr. David Lowry–a professor of communication at Oklahoma Christian University. Fights, arguments, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings can all take a toll on you. Constant bickering and petty quarrels will significantly reduce the quality of your life and workplace productivity. Welcome to Peacemaking 101! Learn better ways of communicating and start a better life now!

With a little study and effort, all of us can learn to handle almost any conflict. Are you ready to learn new ways of solving everyday conflict?

At this website, I will teach you basic skills and techniques for improving your communication and peacemaking skills using the same techniques I have been using with my college students at Oklahoma Christian University for many years. OC is a faith-based institution that promotes peace, understanding, and God’s love to all. We hope the things we present here, and in our Peacemaking 101 Podcast make you a happier person as it makes your life better.

  • Learn strategies for saying what you want in less offensive ways,
  • Grow your emotional intelligence,
  • Learn better means of communicating what you are thinking and feeling,
  • Learn about common traps and misunderstanding,
  • Come to understand the nature of conflict so that you fear it less,
  • Learn strategies for handling difficult people

Learn about these and many other topics at this website and listen to our Peacemaking 101 Podcast.

Peace, Light, and Love,

Dr. David Lowry