Aspiring Wise Fool

Vacation Memories

This is a scrap from an old journal I wrote about my vacation to New Mexico several years ago.

We visited lovely lands, strewn with majestic mountains, scenic vistas, and covered with powerful skies. We stayed in cozy accommodations filled with comforts that were unique and pleasing to the eye. For a small moment in time, we shared in a land that is rich in history and narratives–filled with ancient and proud people from diverse cultures. Vibrations of spiritual energy were everywhere nourishing our souls–stimulating creativity, promoting wonder, and increasing our appreciation of the Great Creator. But more importantly, it all happened in a context of loving companionship that allowed each day to usher in joyful experiences, adventure, and appreciation. These were days filled with smiles, loving touches, and happy moments of loving and being loved. We made memories that would soon become a welcome part of the story of who we are.