Aspiring Wise Fool

The Wrong Person for the Job

Just something I noticed…

Hello! Is it just me or does it seem that everywhere I go someone feels they must point out that, *So and so is not the best man or woman for the job?

The wrong man is the president, the wrong person is leading the company, the wrong person is teaching this class, the wrong person is greeting the public, the wrong person is leading the church…

The list could go on and on but it seems to be a universal truth that the wrong person is doing the job.

Why aren’t the best people doing the job?

Is everyone incompetent?  Are we just too critical?  Are we jealous?

 I think it’s because we are always evaluating others against some ideal that we carry around in our mind.  And the sad truth is that nobody ever measures up to the idealized person in our minds.

It would be helpful…

If we could all allow ourselves to believe this one simple truth,

Most everyone you meet is probably doing the best that they can. Nobody’s perfect and we all suck at something!

That’s it. We’re all doing the best we can.  We’re imperfect and we all suck at something.  Maybe the thing we suck at is the thing you wish we were better at doing.

But guess what, you’re imperfect too!

Let’s give everyone a break.

Relax.  Most of the things we stress over doesn’t really matter. Perfection is a concept–not a reality.  We will never work with perfect people and we need to be okay with that. In fact, we need to be more than okay with that. None of us should have to live up to the perfectionists ideals of others. Remember that the next time you have to wait in line at the store because the cashier doesn’t know a price, or the next time something doesn’t work they way you think it should.