Aspiring Wise Fool

The New Race



One of the concerns a newly awakened person faces is whether or not our awakening is permanent. For most of us, there were precursors of awakening that gave us glimpses of what was ahead.  We would experience clarity for a period of time and then it would pass. The moment of initial awakening feels more permanent but most of us cannot be certain—at least in the beginning.

Think of the ego-personality as an amateur runner who has been allowed to run a few laps with an Olympic athlete.  At first the amateur was permitted a sporting chance and allowed to lead by several laps. Later, the Olympian closes the difference and runs alongside of the amateur for a few laps. At some point the Olympian begins to pull away, perhaps gently and slowly at first, but before long the amateur is left far behind. The Olympian has assumed his/her rightful place and full control of the race.

So it is in the new life of an awakened person.  For sometime Source consciousness has been catching up with the ego personality.  Soon Source consciousness begins to set a more deliberate pace until it pulls away altogether and becomes the clear leader.

Even though we have awakened, as long as we are in physical form, we will have an ego-personality—and this is a good thing.  The ego was never our enemy.  This time the ego will assume its proper context in our lives.  It is no longer the master—but a faithful servant.  Ego-personalities help us do repetitive tasks like driving, working and reading.  Egos translate the spoken word into something our brains can understand.  The ego-personality is a useful tool for Source to use as we relate to people, places, and things. Now that it no longer holds a superior position in our lives, we are able to see situations more clearly, drop our fears, set aside drama and self-aggrandizement and act from higher motivations.