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The Broken Down Church

The Broken Down Church

I go to a church that’s broken,

one that’s been cracked to the core

and had its comeuppance.

It’s been beaten, battered and knocked to the floor.

Some said,  ”We may as well close the doors.”

“All the good is gone–we’ll never be as we were before.”

But God is good and peace has come

and people are slowly coming back.

But not the same folks as when we were on-track.

Lives that are mired and full of sin,

most have given up on them.

They are broken, bruised, and knocked about,

the ones who are clearly on the outs.

God’s triage in this broken-down church,

comes from members who are salt of the earth.

All pretensions here are gone,

as we look for help from God’s only son.

I’m glad I attend this outcast place,

full of cast-offs from the human race.

God’s finally getting something done,

now that the strong ones are on the run.


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