Aspiring Wise Fool

Take the Plunge!

Today I met a friend who said “Hey I heard that Michael took the plunge!” She was referencing a marriage I had performed the other day between Michael and Lori.  They had been dating for six years and finally decided to tie the knot. Even though most of us thought it was high time they did this–it was the second marriage for both of them and they were a little skittish about the whole thing.  That got me thinking about the phrase…Taking the plunge.

I like the word plunge–it’s an onomatopoeia. The very word suggests the sound one makes when jumping into deep water.  PLUNGE!

So much of life is about taking the plunge–marriage, new jobs, work opportunities, all sorts of things. Everything we have that’s worthwhile is the result of someone somewhere “taking the plunge!”  I work at a university where someone “took the plunge” and donated their fortunes.  Even tree’s budding in the spring risk a little something as they blossom.  Taking the plunge is having the courage to do something  new and different–perhaps outside of your comfort zone.  Sometimes it’s starting something or doing what needs to be done instead of what you want to do.

I’m glad that Michael and Lori took the plunge.  The truth for them and us is that there’s no future in the past and a good life is about knowing when to take the plunge–and having the courage to do it often.