Aspiring Wise Fool

Sparks of Illumination

The other evening at a lovely lady’s house one of the guest spoke of going to a concert and suddenly getting caught up in the glorious tingling thrill of joy and delight. Her eyes sparkled and she told of it. Everyone could see her tears of reminiscence and knew what a genuine joy she spoke of. Then she fell silent, her eyes closed, and I heard myself saying, “That’s it! That’s the joy of the experience everyone calls enlightenment.” Some speak of it as illumination–sparks from the child within. First we recognize those fleeting moments and acknowledge them for being the Light of Life they are. And so acknowledging them, we are faithful to the pennies of such moments and eventually find ourselves trusted with the dollars of them. Greater moments come. And greater. We look around one day to find we are living in the continual confirmation of the Joy we have faithfully anticipated. (excerpt from The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Metaphysics by William Samuel)