Aspiring Wise Fool

Say hello to yourself!

One of these days you are going to realize something profound. You are all there is. That’s right! You’re it!

There isn’t anyone else in the whole wide world, or the entire universe but you. There is only you and nothing but you. There never was anything but you and there never will be anything but you.  There is only one singular pronoun—you!

You are the way, the truth and the life.  How could it be another way?

You are the past,  future and present moment.

You are illusion and reality.

Everyone you meet… is you.  Everything you see… that’s you too.  Everything that’s made… is made of you!

When you die, the person that meets you is going to be… you!

The person you are married to—is you! Your son, your daughter, your mother and your father…are nothing but you living with you.

You are young, old, red, yellow, black, brown and white. You are tall, short, skinny and wide. You are the wise sage and young fool.  You are a saint, a righteous zealot, and a uni-bomber.  You are a scientist, a bum and an artist. You are the friend who offers wise advice and the enemy who hates your guts!

You are the willow, the elm and the oak.  You are the snake the seal and the spider.  You are ice, water and steam, animal, vegetable and mineral—It’s all you.

You are the awareness of everything and the emptiness of nothing.  You are the fullness of the ocean and the emptiness of space.

You are light, dark, grey and every shade of color.  You are light, wave, analogue and digital.

You are the happy story and the tragic ending.  You are the, “They lived happily ever after” and the “Ships that passed in the night.”

There is nothing and no one that is not you.

Say hello to yourself.