Aspiring Wise Fool

Life and death are one thread



Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. Lao Tzu

My body is aging and is not as nimble or quick as it once was. It is like ripening fruit that will one day fall from the tree. But I am not afraid. There is still life in the tree as well as the seed and the soil in which the tree is planted. And even if the fruit withers and returns to the soil, its energy has only been transformed. Life continues.  There is no death.

Life as conscious vibratory energy cannot be created or destroyed. It has always been alive—though in many forms. True, there is the arising and disappearing of physical bodies, but there is no death. Separation from the body does not mean the ending of life—only that life has moved on to a new form of expression.

When physical existence ends our nonphysical rejoins with the same energy from whence it came. Consciousness, thinking, and experience all continue—nothing of significance really changes except we are no longer burdened with the apparent illusory separateness projected by the ego personality.

It is compelling to experience life in physical form and at some point, our unique form of expression will emerge once more to enjoy a new physical body.  We will again grow, expand, and enjoy new experiences as Source in a new time place space.