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It’s Supposed to be This Way!

Before we descended to this earth plane, we carefully selected a body for our vessel. It was specially created to meet the needs of our unique journey. It is genetically wired, DNA activated, and specially created to be the perfect size, strength, and health for our life purpose. In our daily awareness, we may be very unhappy with our body; but, in our awakened state, we understand why we are designed the way we are–complete with certain built-in diseases and tendencies. What we see in the mirror was designed to provide us with both physical challenges that are appropriate for us as well as challenges and conditions that require our humble acceptance. The creator is well able to create a perfect body–but the perfection of form is not the point or purpose of the human vessel. Our body is perfectly-imperfect.

The same is true about the institutions we work for, the churches we attend, the governments who rule over us, and our families. All of these are perfectly-imperfect–by intentional design–and ordained long before our arrival so that we might learn how to “make a difference” as we develop our light body on this earth plane existence.

The point is not for us to give up or accept our present situation as hopeless. The perfectly-imperfect exists to help test those of us who are learning how to make good and effective choices that lead to greater spiritual development. In this perfectly-imperfect plane, we get to try out our ideas of how we might make the world a better place. Whether we consciously remember or not, we are trying out ideas we carefully studied before descending to earth. Now we can see how well we are doing and test our ideas!

And now that you are awakened to this fact–stop expecting the world to be different. Stop expecting the vast amount of unwakened souls to act differently. Stop wasting precious time and energy in pointless criticisms and judgments. This physical world (and your body) is the way that it is because it is supposed to be this way.

In meditation, call upon your angels, spirits, guides, ancestors, ascended masters, the goodness of all things around you–and me Thomas–for help in learning how to co-create for good in this place.