Aspiring Wise Fool

It Matters Not



Whether your awakening occurred with a dove descending from heaven or nothing at all doesn’t matter. –What matters is that you are awake!

Stories of awakening are beautiful to me.  They represent the life journeys and momentous events of the searching and struggling.  I am especially fascinated to read stories of awakening where, in the midst of some serious existential crisis, a person who is seemingly trapped with nowhere to go spontaneously drops their ego-personality and finds salvation. I have enjoyed reading the stories of sages, mystics, and modern-day teachers. As much as I enjoy these stories, many of them read like television soap operas or Harlequin romance novels–full of drama and exotic events. People describe themselves descending into madness and disorientation while others report mystical events with light, energy, and heavenly beings. I have no doubt that these stories are true; but, I’m just as convinced that many people awaken gradually, peacefully and naturally over time. But whether your awakening occurred with a dove descending from heaven or nothing at all–what matters is that you are awake!

For me, it happened while I was meditating in my brown chair.  It was as if everything sort of fell into place as Source removed the illusion of self and separateness and revealed itself/myself as the eternal unity of all things. It was a momentous event for sure–but there were no exotic out-of-body experiences, no blinding lights, or dancing divas.  It was as natural as natural as can be. I begin to laugh deeply as the cosmic humor hit me–the thing I had been searching for could never be found because there was no me to find it in the first place. When the sense of self dropped away–there IT was where IT had been all along.  My paradigm changed and nothing is quite the same anymore.

I still refer to me as “I”–even though  I know there is no such thing–and I will still refer to you by your name–even though I know we are one consciousness and have no separate existence. I know it’s all Maya and illusion–but I created it and intend to enjoy it fully.