Aspiring Wise Fool

It isn’t all kum bah yah



Just because you’ve awakened doesn’t mean your ego-personality is all kum bah yah about giving up its power to join forces with source consciousness in a happy new life. The ego is very much tied to the human instinct for survival and will mount a vigorous assault against anything that threatens its control. It  knows that as long as the human form lives it will be around. The ego is crafty, cunning and always looking for an opportunity to get back into the game. As a warrior, its main strength is knowing how to use a lifetime of conditioned responses across a wide spectrum of situations. We should never underestimate the power of stimulus-response.

To the newly awakened, the stimulus-response pattern may feel like overwhelming odds; but it is hardly that. Source consciousness is eternal while ego is life specific.  Source has infinitely more available resources than ego. Once Source has the upper hand it is more than able to subdue the ego to its proper context—but it requires.  Source posses, greater understanding to combat the fears projected by ego, an ability to be focused in the present moment instead of getting caught up in drama and maya, and the ability to begin the retraining and conditioning of the ego-personality.  Thus, the first work of the newly awakened is to begin the retraining of the mind away from fear and drama.