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If you win here, you stay here.

Winning in this 3-D world keeps us here.  The more we win, the more enmeshed we become to a perfectly rigged system designed to more tightly hold us in place. You cannot beat this system–but you can transend it.

This Game of Thrones world is commonly seen as an epic battle of good versus evil where the good people are supposed to actively work to overthrow the evil ones.  In this worldview, there are three basic classes of people.  The first seeks to rule and control by using any and all means available to obtain absolute power. The second class resists these ruthless people. They seek a more enlightened and egalitarian society by upholding societal traditions through the rule of law. The last are those who try and stay out of the fight by letting whoever is in charge at the moment have their way. I would propose a fourth class of people–those who see the truth of this world, expose its darkness to others, then learn to transcend it all through spiritual ascension.

The truth of this world, metaphysically speaking, is that this world is a perfectly rigged and designed system which discourages transcendence by tempting us all to exert our power over other people, places, and things. Lightworkers are not immune to this and we often fall for the eternal gambit of choosing sides–thinking that we will overcome evil and replace it with a better system. But winning in this 3-D world only enmeshes us more deeply to it.  This is not the world we want to live in and this is not the body we want to live forever in. There is another way.

The primary goal of Lightworkers is to lead others to transcend the system through ascension.  This means that we work on ourselves and the daily choices each of us face.  We influence others to do the same.  Though we are tempted to replace present systems with something “better;” we realize the futility in this.  There are many historical examples where one corrupt government is replaced by another–even more corrupt than the first! The change lightworkers seek is that of the heart not the mind.  Our minds bind us to the eternal wheel of karma.  Our hearts are the way to freedom.

Lightworkers seek no power over anyone or anything–other than themselves. They do, however, uses their influence to expose darkness and corruption so that others may clearly choose their spiritual evolution–whether to help systems grow, evolve, and improve–or perpetuate present evils by seeking power for themselves or maintaining the status quo. As each of us makes better choices, systems change, and we prepare ourselves for ascension to another dimension that is designed for more enlightened spiritual experiences.