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If you don’t feel powerful, you don’t know who you are.

If you don’t feel powerful and important, it’s because you have not realized who you really are–yet! Whether you know it or not, you wear a kingly crown.

First off, you are the king of you! Before you came to earth, you carefully chose who you wanted to be and do.  When you were over there, you decided who you wanted to be once you got here. In other words, you created you.  You are king because no one else is allowed to be you except you.

You are the king because there is only one thing going on–and you are it!  Nothing but Source exists.  Source is the unified all-in-all.  Source is king.

You are a king because you are an expansive pyramid of energy where the tip of the pyramid is your physical form. Most of what could be called you isn’t in physical form and isn’t located on earth. The real you exists multidimensionally, in simultaneous multiple incarnations, spread across the known and unknown universe(s). The consciousness you most associate with your physical you is one of numerous subdirectories and programs running at the moment.

You are king. You are everything that you have ever seen or imagined–all of it in the simultaneous now.