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I protest!

Tomorrow our nation will inaugurate its 45th president–Donald Trump.  I’m really disappointed that our nation has given this man our highest honor.  He is the epitome of plutocracy and corptocracy–having installed multimillionaires to lead the major departments of government based less upon their legitimate qualifications than their outspoken opposition to the rule of law related to that department.  His cabinet has known racist and homophobic ties and many have faced questionable legal scandals in the businesses that they operate. Trump has not released his tax statements, nor has he clearly divested himself from his business holdings. He has placed an Oil Tycoon as Secretary of State–which signals that oil and energy are the top priorities of our nation.

Though Donald has yet to pass a single law, here is what I expect in the next four years under his presidency:

  • More benefits will be given large multinational corporations in the form of tax breaks and the removal of accountability restrictions,
  • Labor Unions will suffer adversely through additional restrictions,
  • There will be increased civil unrest among minorities,
  • There will be no plan to cover the former 20 million people who will lose their insurance under ACA except for the open marketplace with very high premiums as before,
  • There will be a movement to hand over the Social Security System to the international banking community, SS taxes will increase and payouts decrease,
  • Restrictions against owning a gun will be mostly removed,
  • We will increase our military presence around the world and increase spending for the military industrial complex,
  • We will have multiple scandals within the Trump administration,
  • Though it will be proven that Trump worked with the Russians to sway the election, he will be protected from liability by the house and senate,
  • Very conservative Supreme Court replacements will be added,
  • Our relations with Mexico will be strained through continued racist comments and bigotry
  • He will do his best to limit press freedoms and personal criticism,
  • He will face unprecedented opposition at home and abroad,
  • The majority of voters in our nation will never see him as a legitimate president–only an imposed one through lies, chicanery, and international manipulation.
  • Trump will use the power of executive orders more than the past 5 presidents combined,
  • People who oppose Trump in a serious way will start “disappearing.”