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Hierarchy of Idiocy

Hierarchy of Idiocy


The only thing dumber than the federal government is the state government. The only thing dumber than the state government is the city government. The only thing dumber than the city government is your homeowner’s association.


Science always claims to know what is up with everything until they don’t. Then they say, “We once thought such and such was true,” after they discover they didn’t know what they were talking about after all. Then, these same scientists will claim scientific certainty once more as they denigrate philosophy and religion.


Religion always claims to know what is true. It usually requires that you believe thirteen impossible things before breakfast. Most Christian religions claim that “God never changes.” That may well be true, but it seems that their interpretations of what God is saying changes about every generation or so.

Personal Certainty

I myself have been certain about what was true about some person or situation. I usually learn that I was not even close.

Most of what we know is based upon a personal experience that is true for us–but maybe less so for others. Most of what works for us is based upon personal preferences that vary widely from person to person.

Psychic Certainties

There are those with psychic abilities who claim to know the future. None that I knew prophesied 911 or the great COVID pandemic. However, years later, many claimed they new these things were coming all along.

Most prophecies about the end of the world never happen. But one day it is bound to happen. After all, logic dictates that the world cannot last forever.

The Idiocy of Certainty

Most of us cannot be certain about anything. None of us know everything about anything. Most of what we know isn’t true. Most of what we think we know is only a belief we accept is true about what is mostly unknown to us.

Blessed are those who are open to wonder, quickly set aside their perceptions when something more true appears, and do their best not to claim knowledge they cannot and do not have.


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