Aspiring Wise Fool

Harder to Hear

It’s harder for me to hear, though
my hearing is perfectly fine.

Words, speech, rhetoric, proclaimed in our
Homes, schools, churches, media and lives,
Filled with anger, pain and rage,
Endless debating, name calling,
Attacking, yelling, shouting,
Drama and diatribes.

A new willingness sweeping the land, offers
Gratuitous unfiltered honesty.
A truth sport that calculatingly
Cuts off at the knees,
Sending the newly scarred and
Wounded soul to walk away, with
The knife still in their back.

What unfulfilled need justifies
This anger, frustration and rage,
Blaming, shaming and finger pointing,
And the creation of new effigies by endlessly
Dissecting and parsing every word and phrase?

Have we become little more than
Hurting people who hurt others?
Are we just reacting in kind with a
Pent-up frustration that has nowhere to go?

Are we really so fearful that
Things aren’t going as they should, afraid
We’ll never get what we want, or scared that
We’ll never have what we need?

Could it be that we are unconsciously
Caught in a vibration of drama, and
Easy prey for the hidden plans
And agendas of others?

Or, have we become the slaves of an ego
That willingly fills our minds with
Unproven certainties to
Give us what we do not have but want?

Maybe, strangely, we are
Seeking a connection in the
Only way we know.
Hoping our shrill voices will
Convince the universe that we matter,
As we misguidedly attempt to make
Some difference on our piece of earth.

This isn’t life!
Falling asleep and missing out!
Out of touch and drifting apart!
Dead and not even knowing it!
We were not born to live this way!

Isn’t it time now to once more remember
The wisdom of the ancients,
Spoken long ago?
In compassion there is virtue,
Blessed are the peacemakers,
What is given is returned
A thousand fold; and,
In the measure we judge,
We shall be judged.
But above all,
Love the Gods and
Do no harm.

It’s harder for me to hear, though
My hearing is perfectly fine.


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