Aspiring Wise Fool

Grandma Thelma

I’m at that stage of life where my mother is 89 and Cary’s grandma is 95. They both are doing very well considering how old they are–but being elderly has its challenges.

Cary lost her mother recently

And now the grandkids are taking up where her mother left off by caring for grandma Thelma. Thelma is a very fine woman with a devilish sense of humor. She’s no trouble at all. All she needs is patience and access to oxygen. She has seen a lot over the years but takes things in stride. Her mind is good–though her short-term memory isn’t as good as it was several years ago.

We made a special room for Thelma

And we named it after her. “The Kienlen Room” It has her old bedroom furniture, a special television on the wall, and special curtains and pillow. None of that was required by Grandma–we just wanted to make a comfortable room for her. She is always gracious and wants to help as she is able.

The last time she was here she made a stew for our Sunday night group. It fed 15 hungry people–and it was delicious. We love Grandma Thelma and we hope her transition to new life with the grandchildren will be as rewarding for her as it is for us.