Aspiring Wise Fool

Everyday I have more clarity



Every day there’s more and more clarity in my life. Every day something that I used to believe falls away. Pointless beliefs, useless attitudes, and unnecessary emotions fall away and are replaced by a greater joy.

Every day I drop something that has been chewing up bandwidth and taking my mind away from what’s really important. This clarity makes me feel happy. This clarity makes me feel focused. This clarity gives me peace and calm. This clarity takes away emotional baggage that I don’t need.

This clarity helps me understand clearly what’s my business…what’s their business…and what’s God’s business!

This clarity reveals to me who I really am. It shows me that I am more than an amalgamation of pre-programmed ideas and beliefs and a separate self. This clarity reveals to me the illusion of space-time and place. This clarity reveals to me the illusion of self as a separate entity from all that is.

In clarity I see the pointlessness of arguing about whose belief is better than another’s. Clarity reveals to me the way in which culture has programmed the human race to believe and do and say certain things and act in certain ways. Clarity helps me to see the way in which beings become enslaved in bondage to others who would control them.