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  • A Father’s Prayer: Wanting Better for Those I Love

    Lord, make me better today than I was yesterday and better still tomorrow than I was today. By acknowledging our limitations and seeking Divine guidance, we can tap into the fullness of our Lord’s provision and experience the abundant life She has planned for us.

  • The Broken Down Church

    The Broken Down Church I go to a church that’s broken, one that’s been cracked to the core and had its comeuppance. It’s been beaten, battered and knocked to the floor. Some said,  ”We may as well close the doors.” “All the good is gone–we’ll never be as we were before.” But God is good…

  • Ghosts

    Walking amidst flowers, her mind set upon the future and past, never upon the exquisite bloom or fragrance. Looking straight into my eyes, she’s not here.

  • Harder to Hear

    It’s harder for me to hear, though my hearing is perfectly fine. Words, speech, rhetoric, proclaimed in our Homes, schools, churches, media and lives, Filled with anger, pain and rage, Endless debating, name calling, Attacking, yelling, shouting, Drama and diatribes.

  • Time Stood Still

    Time Stood Still My Darling, Friends tell me we met more than half a million minutes ago. But I noticed, before a few seconds had hardly passed, That time was standing still. In its place, a merged continuum of Tender touches, love, kindnesses and gifts of presence All indescribably nuanced, existed.

  • Schlimazels of us all!

    I learned two new Yiddish words today–schlemiel and schlimazel. The schlemiel is the one who is always spilling the soup, the screw-ups if you will, while the schlimazel is the one that the soup always falls on. Our country has its fair share of schlemiels in government, industry and media who are constantly screwing up…

  • The Postscript

    “Hello Child, do you know where you are?” I was looking into the face of this most beautiful…man, woman, child—I cannot say exactly who or what it was because it was all these things. It was glorious, loving, and warm. I feel its love. I can tell this person anything. “You can call me ‘The…

  • Hello, is anyone listening?

    It was a cold winter’s Christmas Eve night in Abilene, Texas. I was eleven or twelve years old, and there was something I wanted very badly for Christmas. I had told Santa, my parents, and anyone who would listen, what I most wanted—a pair of walkie-talkies! Honestly, I can’t remember ever wanting anything more as…

  • End of the Search

    No chakras to open, chants to hum, or endless sermons to listen to. No mantras to repeat over and over. No scriptures to memorize or stories to believe, defend, and pointlessly argue about. No clothes to buy, crosses or beads to wear. No creeds to recite or ascended masters to know personally lest we die.…