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Arriving at My Core Values

Two years ago I attended a leadership workshop about the importance of leading from values.  The facilitator taught us that the best leaders lead from a strong sense of personal values. We learned that when what’s inside of us matches what we do on the outside we have integrity. That makes sense.

Now,  I’ve long known about the things that were important to me.  The troubled was, I had never really brought focus To all of these ideas.  In an easy to do exercise, I was able to reduce my larger value system into six more manageable core values.

Here’s how we did it.

  1. First, we looked at a long list of values and circled the 30 to values that mattered most. Here’s a link to such a list.
  2. Next, we reduced all of  these values down to a mere 10 values.
  3. Finally, we were required to decide which of these ten were our top six.

I’ve been living and referring to these six values for the past two years.  I remain satisfied that these six values best represent what is important to me.  No, they don’t represent all of the things I believe in–but I’m amazed at how most of the things I feel strongly about can be reduced to these six categories.

I created a slide show of my core values below.If the slide show doesn’t show up, Click this link.

Core Values – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires