Aspiring Wise Fool

Always good to see the fam


When Cary and I travel together we always get around to talking about our families.  I think it’s one of those habitual pastimes that we enjoy–because we do it so often.  I wonder, if others talk about their families the way we do–or if we are odd or something?

  1. Do you conclude that the rest of you family is: crazy, or stuck in the past, bigoted, don’t know what they are talking about?
  2. Do you conclude that you’re lucky that you were able to move on and not like your family members who stayed behind either physically or emotionally?
  3. Do you believe that your family is dysfunctional?
  4. Do you feel like that you were mostly misunderstood growing up?
  5. Do you talk about the psychological problems/conditions of your family–even if you’re not a psychologist?  Do you discuss their issues, psychoses, neuroses, borderline personality disorders or just conclude that they are nuts?
  6. Do you find yourself thinking that your family needs to get out more so they won’t make such dumb statements.
  7. Do you discuss how you have to ignore most everything you hear from family members or wind up in the mother of all arguments?
  8. Do you feel like the only normal person in your family?
  9. In spite of all the questions above, do you look forward to seeing your relatives once again–even for  a brief period of time?
  10. Do you feel somewhat relieved when you leave–and everybody goes home?
  11. Despite  it all, do you feel crazy love for your crazy dysfunctional family?