Aspiring Wise Fool

A Different Universe

The following was written by Dr. Henry Cloud in his book Necessary endings: the employees, businesses, and relationships that all of us have to give up in order to move forward.  (p. 50 – 51)

Many people wish for a different universe than the one we live. They want one where every day is a harvest time and there are no long laborious summer months to go through in order to get there. And when the harvest is right and they are thriving, they want no approaching winters where they see that the harvest is over and a cold death is looming.

Also, they want a world where they have no limits. They want to believe that they have enough time and energy to gather people, product’s, and activities infinitely and never have to end any of them. They do not want it to be true that at some point, they run out of time and energy and have to make hard choices. They want a limitless life where time and space are not realities.

And they want a world where every person is committed to being good and getting better. In this world, if they try to help someone long enough, that person will improve, wake up, and get it. They do not want this universe, the one we really live in, for some people just don’t change and still others truly want to hurt you.

But this is the only universe we have, and all three of these realities exist. Successful leaders are very much at one with these realities, and when they come upon one of them, their brains do not send signals saying something is wrong. They are aligned integrated people who are friends with reality. So when one of these realities appears, their brain sees these situations as normal, although sometimes painful, and move them decisively and with courage and hope. And they are always wisely asking, what kind of situation do we really have here?